Investigating multi-dimensional problems in drug substance development

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Finding solutions to the biggest challenges faced during drug substance development relies on properly integrating analytical and production expertise.

A crucial trait of any successful drug substance developer is the ability to solve difficult problems. The pharmaceutical industry is now facing greater challenges than ever before, caused by the influx of complex compounds identified during drug discovery. Contract development and manufacturing organisations are increasingly being sought to consult on or investigate solutions to these challenges and enable new ways to rapidly bring drugs to the marketplace. At Arcinova, our experts work as detectives in drug development – investigating alternative process scenarios and solving challenges related to scalability, efficiency and economy. By integrating scientific knowledge with cutting-edge technology, we are able to solve our clients’ complex, multi-dimensional problems.


Investigating drug compound fate

Pharmacokinetics is the study of how drug compounds move within the body. It is often combined with metabolic pathway determination – how the body breaks down the drug compound into intermediate products called metabolites – to understand how a drug is transformed within a biological system. Metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies are used in early drug development to identify optimal dosage and dose intervals. Determining the metabolic and pharmacokinetic profile enables clarification of the drug compound elimination route, major metabolic pathways and the contribution of metabolites. Finding out whether a drug is metabolised into other compounds with different levels of toxicity is also vital during early-stage drug development.

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